Today I’m going to make a wine rack. This wine rack is designed to hold 1 bottle and 3 wine glasses.

It is made out of pine wood and a copper pipe. The design is actually quite simple, and consists of 4 copper pipe pieces with different length and 3 wooden pieces with different shape, joined together.

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Drawing and Cutting the Shapes.

In the first place, I drew the design onto 3 separate pieces of paper, including all the holes and cuts that need to be done onto each part.

Here’s the template:

DIY Copper and Wood Wine Rack Template

A pine was my choice for this project because it is very easy to work with, and I don’t mind covering it with paint since it is cheap and soft wood.

DIY Copper and Wood Wine Rack 1 - Gluing the Paper onto the Pine Wood

I applied all-purpose glue stick onto the paper and glued it onto the wood. Therefore, I can easily cut the desired shape.

DIY Copper and Wood Wine Rack 2 - Cutting the Shape with a Jigsaw

Then, I clamped the board onto the table, and started cutting with a jigsaw, making sure to cut outside the line. Later, I’ll make some adjustments with a rasp. Onto the jigsaw I installed clean cut blade, which helped me avoid tear outs and get clean cuts.

Once I was done with the first piece, I moved on to the second one, and repeated the same process.

DIY Copper and Wood Wine Rack 3 - Making an Opening with a Coping Saw

When I got to the smallest piece, I needed to make large opening in the middle, and here’s how I did it:

First, I made a 15 mm hole in the middle with a Forstner bit, which is enough space to fit the coping saw blade. Then, I installed the coping saw there, and made the opening.

There was too much extra wood that I needed to remove in order to get a perfectly round opening. Hence, I took a rasp and spent some time until I finished.

The opening is done, so I can make the final cut with a jigsaw.

DIY Copper and Wood Wine Rack 4 - Making some Adjustments with a Rasp

Now I have all three wooden pieces cut to size. Additionally, I need to make some more adjustments with a rasp until I’m happy with the final shapes.

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Making Space for the Wine Glasses.

On the piece that will go on the top of the wine rack I need to make 3 holes for wine glasses. Also, I need to make 3 channels that will lead the glasses into the holes.

DIY Copper and Wood Wine Rack 5 - Drilling Holes for Wine Glasses

The holes I made with a 25 mm Forstner bit, which is enough space for the wider glass bottom. For the channels I used a coping saw. The width of the channels is around 13 mm, and it is enough to fit the glass stem.

DIY Copper and Wood Wine Rack 6 - Making Channels for Wine Glasses

In fact, having thinner channels and wider holes will keep the glasses in place once I hung them onto the rack.

Cutting the Copper Pipes to Size and Drilling Holes for Them into the Wood.

DIY Copper and Wood Wine Rack 7 - Cutting the Copper Pipe to Size

Out of 2 scrap pieces of copper pipes I’ll cut 2 pieces 21 cm long, and 2 pieces 11 cm long. For this purpose I used a hacksaw, but you can use a pipe cutter if you have one.

The shorter copper pipes will support the smaller wooden piece in the middle, and the longer copper pipes will support the larger wooden piece on the top.

DIY Copper and Wood Wine Rack 8 - Drilling Holes for the Copper Pipes

Next, I’m drilling holes on the pre-determined points, where I’ll insert the copper pipes. I’m using 15 mm Forstner bit, and drilling halfway through the wood.

Before drilling these holes double check their position, and make sure the holes on the bottom are parallel with the holes above them, because the copper pipes need to be perpendicular to the wooden pieces.

Sanding All the Parts.

Now that I’m done with all the cuts and holes, I can peel of the paper. Actually, it came off very easy.

DIY Copper and Wood Wine Rack 9 - Sanding the Wooden Pieces

The next step is sanding. I used 120, then 220 grit sandpaper, to make the wood as smooth as possible.

Spray Painting the Wooden Pieces.

Once I finished sanding, I can paint the wooden pieces with white spray paint. I chose white because it matches copper really well.

DIY Copper and Wood Wine Rack 10 - Spray Painting the Wooden Pieces with White Spray Paint

I applied 3 coats of paint, which was enough to get a nice white color. Then waited at least one hour between each coat.

Cleaning the Copper Pipes.

While the paint is drying I can prepare the copper pipes that I previously cut.

DIY Copper and Wood Wine Rack 11 - Cleaning the Copper Pipes with Salt and Vinegar

To clean them I used salt and vinegar. I placed the pipes into a plastic container and added a little salt and more vinegar until I completely covered the pipes. After a few minutes, I removed the pipes and wiped them off using a clean cotton cloth.

DIY Copper and Wood Wine Rack 12 - Difference between Clean and Tarnished Copper

Here you can see the huge difference between tarnished and clean copper. The result is amazing.

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Assembling the Wine Rack.

Now all the parts are ready for assembling.

DIY Copper and Wood Wine Rack 13 - Connecting all the Pieces Together with an Epoxy

I’m using epoxy to secure the copper pipes into the holes. To keep everything clean, I applied epoxy into the holes, and then inserted the pipes. The epoxy will make a strong connection between the copper and the wood.

DIY Copper and Wood Wine Rack 14 - Making sure the Pipes are Perpendicular to the Wooden Pieces

Additionally, I made sure the pipes are perpendicular to the wood, and left them to dry out.

DIY Copper and Wood Wine Rack 15

Finally, I can place a bottle of wine and hang wine glasses onto this wine rack. And that’s pretty much everything about this project.

DIY Copper and Wood Wine Rack 16

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